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Into Media Listings is a global directory listing individuals available for extras work in TV and film, as well as offering vehicles for TV, film, and advertising purposes, along with various locations such as hotels, restaurants, and residences suitable for TV and film projects. Launched in January 2011, Into Media originated from the visionary idea of a businessman in 2008 who aspired to own a collection of classic and custom vehicles. Recognizing the financial limitations of such an endeavour, he conceived the concept of creating a website to facilitate the rental of other people's vehicles. While similar platforms exist, they are limited to specific geographical areas such as LA, Hollywood, Eastern States Australia, or the UK, unlike Into Media, which provides a truly global reach. 

Earn Money from Your Classic Car 

The worldwide reach of Into Media Listings is advantageous due to the fact that films and TV productions are produced every day on a global scale. As a global company, it is only natural for production companies to seek out Into Media when filming in various locations worldwide. Whether it's the UK one week, Egypt the next, or even a small production in the Northern Territory of Australia, registering with Into Media increases the likelihood of your vehicle being noticed by industry professionals and utilised, thereby generating income for you. It is important to note that classic cars, custom cars, contemporary cars, classic custom and contemporary motorbikes, vans, buses, trucks, military vehicles, non-operational vehicles, and even crashed vehicles can all contribute to potential income. Furthermore, if you own boats, planes, or trains that could be suitable for TV or film productions, we encourage you to register them on our platform. 
Now, let's address the advertising aspect. As an astute and internet-savvy entrepreneur, our founder observed two smart cars towing advertising trailers in the city, but found them rather unremarkable, with the posters on the trailers going unnoticed. This sparked an idea. What if, instead of smart cars or scooters, more captivating and intriguing vehicles like a '68 Mustang and a '57 Chevy with prominent fins were used to tow the advertising trailers? Or perhaps a Lamborghini Countach and a Volkswagen Herbie replica? Any combination of classic or custom vehicles could enhance the appeal. Not only would this be more visually appealing, but it could also be more cost-effective for advertisers if they could directly engage with the driver/owner of a classic, custom, or contemporary vehicle, thereby eliminating intermediaries, such as the need for Smart cars, scooters, staff, or physical offices for the media company. 
This realisation led to the alignment of key elements—a worldwide network of owner-operator vehicles, eliminating intermediaries, and providing an extensive supply of vehicles for film, TV, advertising, and promotional activities. Into Media, recognizes the potential of the gig economy for everyday individuals, combined with simple internet technology, to create something monumental—an advertising powerhouse and the largest network of film and TV-ready vehicles. Registering your vehicle on our platform presents a two-way street, exposing your vehicle to a global audience of potential clients for film, TV programs, TV adverts, advertising across multiple mediums, and promotional work, all through a straightforward registration process that pays you what you decide to charge. 

Become a Part of the Film and TV Industry and Get Paid for It 

Consequently, the everyday individual can now generate income from their beloved vehicle, potentially driving it more frequently, with the added possibility of its value appreciating through participation in the right film or TV production. It is a true win-win situation for everyone. To register your vehicle. Any TV or Film work could potentially yield thousands of dollars in work opportunities and increased value for your vehicle. Any extra work will give you a unique memorable experience to talk about for years and you will be getting paid for it! Do great and work, you may get noticed and become a superstar! 
Register now to embark on this exciting journey! 
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