I have just purchased a listing : what next? 
You can now go to your listing account and login here https://listing.intomedialistings.com/my-account/ with the email address (as your username) and password you used when buying your listing. 
Remember to have your images, your video urls (if you have them) and give yourself approx 10 - 15 minutes to fill out the appropriate information - the more you can mention the more searchable your listing becomes. 
Forgot your password? Reset it in that case where it says 'Forgotten?' 
I have just submitted / updated my listing : what next? 
You can now go to your listing as seen by the world by visiting here : https://listing.intomedialistings.com/find-people-vehicles-places/ and looking for it in the category you listed in (People, Place orVehicle).  
If you need to make any changes or add more information please login and edit here https://listing.intomedialistings.com/my-account/ with the email address (as your username) and password you used when buying your listing. 

Vehicles FAQs 

Can I list as an extra, and list a vehicle and a place? 
Yes, you can and this will only increase the potential for you to get TV & Film work. 
How many vehicles can I list? 
You can list as many vehicles as you wish. 
What if I sell my car and buy another vehicle? 
You have purchased the listing so just log back in and update the listing with the details and pictures of your new vehicle. 
Will my vehicle be worth more simply because it was on TV or in a Film? 
Absolutely, yes. We can't promise by how much but your vehicle will be part of cinema history and collectors love the provenance and boasting of having “that” car. 
How do I decide what to charge per day? 
Great question and although this varies here are some pointers. Is your car incredibly rare? Charge more. Is your vehicle in a remote location where they want to film? Charge more. Is your car in concourse (the very best) condition? Charge more. Has your vehicle been chosen for film and TV work previously? Charge more. If you are in a densely populated area and there are lots of similar cars in your area, you may have to charge less to get the work. We recommend that as a guide you should try and charge what you may usually earn in a day at work. That way if you take a day off to be in a film you may not win but won’t lose. If you find more and more work coming in then obviously you can simply log in and increase the rate you want. 
How do I get paid? 
Well acting as an agency once we have called and emailed to confirm the booking details we request the production company pays upfront for all the bookings. Then we pay you once the work is completed and confirmed by the production company. 
How does Into Media make money? 
Into Media takes a small percentage of the total booking fee. We only get paid when you get paid, directly by the film company and never from the lister. 
What about insurance for my vehicle? 
Most filming occurs in public space so your vehicle must be adequately insured. If filming occurs on a set the film company will usually be responsible for insurance. However, Into Media act as an intermediary and this is a detail that must be confirmed with every booking. 
What if the film company asks me to do more or different work from that which has been booked? 
Film & TV sets have to be flexible and things can change. Once Into Media has made the booking that’s us done. If the film company want to pay you more to drive or use your vehicle more you can ask them to go through Into Media or negotiate your own rate and details directly. This often puts more money in your pocket. 
Is there a discount for making multiple listings, say more than one car plus a place and as an extra? 
Unfortunately not currently. Into Media attempts to keep our costs to a minimum and this includes background technical and payment methods. 

Extras FAQs 

I don’t have any acting experience, can I be an extra? 
Yes you can. Anyone can be an extra. A great tip is to watch the TV series Extras to get an idea of how it works behind the scenes. 
What if I get asked to do more roles or speaking roles? Do I need an equity card? 
Things can change on a set and if you are lucky enough to get asked to do more you should get paid more. All film and TV projects and production companies are different. If asked then request how it might work and what you need. They will tell you. 
What should I wear? 
Some productions will want contemporary dress, some will have costumes. If you haven’t been told what to wear then wear comfortable easy to change out of clothes. 
Should I keep my look as per my pictures on Into Media? 
Yes, if you have a certain style of hair for example that’s what the film company have seen and that’s usually what they want. Of course you may arrive and they may send you to make up for hair and make up. That’s one of the exciting things about being in the movies and on Into Media, we just don’t know. Go with the flow and enjoy your unique experience. 
If they ask me to stay on for more filming how does that work? 
That would be great and it does happen. Into Media take an initial booking. After that it is between you and the film company. Confirm the details and ask how you get paid for the extra work. *Note if you do get asked to work more it is the very best positive anyone could want. It means the production company like you, or your look and could be the start of something big, who knows? Enjoy the moment and see what life brings. 

Places FAQs 

Can I list any type of place? 
Yes you can. You can list your house or flat, or just your garden. A field or barn, or your rooftop. Most places requested as we have all seen on TV are appropriate for the production story so a glamorous upper class film may want a huge country house. But a contemporary production set in the 70’s, 80’s for example may just want a terraced house. Think Gavin and Stacey. They were real peoples houses that made a fortune through filming. 
How do I price my place or location? 
If your location or place is extremely beautiful or unique well the production company chose you so maybe charge a little more? If it is a small flat or similar to other listings maybe charge a little less. I bet if there was filming in your house or garden you would want to see it yes? How about charging what you would normally earn in a day or two and enjoy the unique experience? It is all up to you and you can change what you charge easily by logging in and editing your profile. 
If I close my business to allow filming, can I charge more? 
Absolutely yes. TV & Film companies know using a restaurant, hotel or workshop or factory means businesses lose money and expect the rates to be higher to compensate for that. 
What if the film or TV company want to use my place for more than booked through Into Media? 
Filming is often changing and to work in it we need to be flexible. Into Media are simply a single source supplier to the film industry and provide listings, introductions and bookings. If a production company wants to use your location for an extra day or so you can negotiate directly with them there and then. They may want to go through Into Media for a good reason, or they may want to deal direct with you for speed and simplicity. Whichever way and whatever happens it is only a positive for you, and more money. *Hint if they are asking you may be able to negotiate a higher rate for those extra days or hours. 
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